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Want to get involved with Helium validators? Want to participate  in Helium validator staking but you don't have 10,000HNT? Want to join a Helium validator pool to increase your chances for earning HNT each consensus group? Want to stake an entire Helium validator node but not sure how to DIY it?  Helium Rising can help.

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In addition to free* Patrium premium access for pool participants, Helium Rising includes:

Validator Pool

Helium Rising is a validator pool that allows users to participate for as little as 100 HNT which gets you the equivalent of a 1% share of a validator, in a pool of multiple validators.  Rewards are payed out on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Validator as a Service (VaaS)

Want to run a validator but don't know how?  Let us do it for you.  Helium Rising can launch, administer and maintain a Helium validator node for you.  Or multiple nodes.  All you need is the 10K HNT stake per node (which you hold), plus a small advance deposit to Helium Rising, and we'll get things rolling for you.

Add to your stake whenever you want.

Once you have an initial stake of 100 HNT, you can add to your stake anytime you want.  The only caveat is that if you add < 100 HNT, then the added stake will not be "active" until the next TrueUp (1st and 15th of the month), so we recommend adding to your stake on the 14th and last day of the month.  That way the newly added portion will go active the next day when we run the next TrueUp.


Helium Rising offers crowd liquidity, which allows users in some cases to unstake their HNT in less than the 5 months (250K blocks) that the Helium network otherwise makes you wait to unstake a validator node.  As new HNT is staked (including auto-restakes) we use it to process the exit queue in FIFO order, but you can "jump the line" by discounting your exit amount by 1%, 2%, etc.

*Patrium premium access

Are you a hotspot owner and need to manage your hotspots?  Earn Patrium discounts or completely free access based on the amount of HNT you have staked in Helium Rising, and based on the number of Hotspots you manage in Patrium.



Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.

Who is running the pool?

Legally, the pool is owned and operated by Pixabits LLC, but is really the brain child of and managed by Ross Dannenberg, an attorney practicing in Washington, DC, with a Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech, and one of Helium's earliest Patrons (he plugged in his first Hotspot back in the Fall of 2019).

Where are the nodes hosted?

We're using cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and OVH Cloud, and our servers are administered, maintained, and kept up to date by a certified AWS professional we have on board (but whose name shall remain private... his boss doesn't know he's helping out yet).  But if you're on Discord, you probably know who we're talking about.

How much does the pool cost?

We try to align ourselves with our customers, so we only make money when the pool makes money.  First we pay server/hard costs, and then we receive a small percentage of earnings of the validators in the pool as our service fee.

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